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Jeff (Jaafer) Gareau,
B.A., I.R.Econ.

Financial Advisor/Dealing Representative,
NO INTEREST Investments
Global Maxfin Investments Inc.
Majority Shareholder,
T.Y. Financial Group Inc.


About Us

At NO INTEREST Investments, our friendly staff members are here to assist you and your family. Tax-efficient investment advice is provided based on your completed personal financial review. Advice given is both professional and honest as it pertains to Islamic Investing and Financing while maintaining strict compliance with Islamic guidelines. It is very important for a prospective client to confirm the practical long-term experience in Islamic Investments & Finance that an Advisor has and the company that they are associated with. If an Advisor lacks experience, credentials, and long-term testimonials, be very careful. Always ensure that you do your own comprehensive DUE DILIGENCE.

With over 25 years of Investment Industry experience and hundreds of client accounts from Nova Scotia to B.C., Jeff (Jaafer) Gareau has been the pioneer of publicly traded Shariah-Compliant Islamic Mutual Funds. (Based on assets under administration, Jaafer has been the documented largest single supporter of the Islamic Mutual Fund segment in Canada by Dynamic Mutual Funds (2000-2006), FrontierAlt Oasis Funds (2006-2009), and Global Growth Assets Inc. (2009-2019))

We help families from over 23 different ethnic backgrounds throughout Canada. Our clients are doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants, business owners & executives, teachers, retired seniors, disabled adults and children, and the list goes on. Regardless of personal financial circumstances (high or low income - small or large net worth/investment portfolio), if a person is concerned with maintaining strict Islamic guidelines for their investments & finances, we will advise and take them on as clients. We treat our business the same way we do our DAWAH activities and are absolutely inclusive when it comes to helping people. If what you have read sounds good to you, you can get started right away by clicking here.

Experience, Integrity, Honesty, and one of the highest levels of client service in the Investment Industry make Jeff (Jaafer) Gareau and NO INTEREST Investments the true choice in Canada if you want advice on how to invest or finance a purchase according to strict Islamic guidelines for your -> Retirement and Education Savings Plans, Investments, or to buy a house.

Get the experience and financial advice you need to do things the Islamic way without compromising professionalism and customer service!