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New Clients


At NO INTEREST Investments, we pride ourselves in helping our clients grow as families go through the various stages of life. In order to achieve financial independence, we help clients specifically with investments but can also give general guidance and referrals in:

  1. Tax-Effective Investment Planning;
  2. Estate Planning, and
  3. Three easy steps in the process of becoming one of our clients: Step 1 | Step 2 | Step 3

STEP 1 – Professional Assessment of your Financial/Personal Situation

Many prospective clients often tell us that they have been referred by a relative, friend or colleague (see testimonials) and just want to open an account without giving or receiving any information. Although Br. Jeff (Jaafer) Gareau has an excellent reputation in the Muslim Community across Canada for being a specialist in Islamic Investments and Finance, we always maintain professional conduct and give full disclosure to our clients (new and existing).

The first step in your journey to financial freedom is for you to complete the CONFIDENTIAL Personal Financial Review(PFR) form available for download  or request us by Email to send you the form.
(Click here for tips on how to download and open the PFR *)

All of our prospective clients complete this PFR Form before any initial consultation, if any. I am registered in 7 provinces (Alberta, B.C., Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, and Saskatchewan) and have been using this format since 1995. The information gathered from the CONFIDENTIAL PFR enables us to have a better overall picture of where you stand financially so that we may be able to ascertain the best recommendation for you given your personal circumstances. Your privacy is important to us. We serve hundreds of families across the country and many of our clients are actually friends with each other in the same community or out of province. We follow very strict procedures for confidentiality and privacy and safety of records and that is why so many clients value our services.

Once you have downloaded the PFR form, please complete all fields to the best of your ability (SIN is not essential but DOB is) and approximations are fine as some of the budgeting might be new as many people don't actually consciously think about how much they are spending on household expenditures). Further, if you wish for us to analyze your current Investment portfolio(s) for performance and Islamic criteria evaluation, you can also submit your most current quarterly statement(s) along with the PFR.

Once you have typed your information in the spreadsheet save the file with your surname, first name, PFR, and date (i.e. if your name was Maqsood Khan, you would name your file -> khan maqsood pfr Jan 1 2008) and e-mail it in confidence to us at pfr@nointerest.ca.

Again, we have been using this pre-assessment method of gathering data since 1995 for several hundred clients across the country so we know it is the best tool in terms of optimizing any time that we spend together in a meeting in person, on the phone, or otherwise. This analysis often enables us to find additional tax savings for clients especially through income splitting strategies so it certainly does provide tremendous value.

We usually get back to people with an assessment within 1-2 business days. You will be notified immediately if there are extenuating circumstances that might delay this process. If you do not hear from us after this time has elapsed, please contact us immediately at the office as this means that we have not received your PFR. We always get things done quickly and professionally and are looking forward to helping you and your family achieve your financial objectives and dreams while adhering to Islamic guidelines for investments and finance.

Remember, EXPERIENCE and HONESTY MATTERS. Check the reputation of any Financial Advisor before seeking their advice. If they cannot give you a full biography of theirs with solid long-term client references, start searching elsewhere or perhaps start with the best in the first place ?

STEP 2 – Becoming informed while waiting for your Personal Financial Analysis

We specialize in advice pertaining to Islamic INVESTMENT and FINANCE products. You can be assured that we only recommend Investment and Finance products that are HALAL and compliant with strict Islamic Guidelines utilizing some of the foremost scholars in their fields throughout the world. In the case of investments, we advise people on publicly distributed securities that are based on the reputable DOW JONES ISLAMIC MARKET INDEX whose Board is comprised of Internationally renowned scholars. There is also a Canadian Fatwa

Since 1995, we have been giving out hand-outs to all attendees at our Investment and RRSP Planning Seminars at masjids. If you download this comprehensive file and read it, you will get a very good overall understanding of everything we do and what investment plans and tax strategies are available to Canadians to save taxes and grow their money in investments that are HALAL and within strict Islamic guidelines.


After you have reviewed your complimentary Personal Financial Analysis, you will have either met with ME or corresponded via phone, e-mail, or webcam conferencing. By now, you have been apprised of all pertinent information and you are comfortable with the recommendation(s) given and you want to open one or more types of accounts with us (e.g. RRSP, Spousal RRSP, RESP, and TFSA).

Filling in the applicable forms and documentation is never fun but it is a necessary regulatory requirement in the Investment Industry in Canada I and my friendly administrative staff will always assist you and your family members (if applicable) during every step of the way. We have made the forms very user friendly in that almost all files are in writeable PDF form enabling you to type your information quickly and clearly so that you can print , sign, and initial in the required areas. The first page of any file you download will have simple instructions and tips to ensure that you understand the documentation. Every prospective client receives a PDF file of the SIMPLIFIED PROSPECTUS, Fund Facts, and Annual Information Filing for the applicable investment fund(s) they are interested in.  A hard copy is available upon request.   Always feel free to contact us directly at info@nointerest.ca or 905-469-1932 if you have any questions on completing forms.

* The PFR File is in Dynamic PDF file format. THIS MEANS THAT YOU HAVE TO DOWNLOAD IT AND OPEN DIRECTLY WITH ADOBE (THE PROGRAM) AND NOT through a browser plug-in viewer. Download the file. Go to the directory where the file is downloaded and right click on it. Scroll to open with Adobe Acrobat Reader (it should be version 9, 10, or 11). Then you shouldn't have any problems. Sometimes MAC users have difficulty but they always get it working eventually.