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Jeff (Jaafer) Gareau,
B.A., I.R.Econ.

Financial Advisor/Dealing Representative,
NO INTEREST Investments
Global Maxfin Investments Inc.
Majority Shareholder,
T.Y. Financial Group Inc.


Testimonials from Clients and Community Leaders

"I've known Mr. Jaafer Syed Gareau for more over 12 years now and honestly it's been one of my best relationships. I have seen nothing but sincerity and professionalism for his services as well as his commitment to our community. After my move from the United States to Canada in 2001, I needed a Financial Advisor I could trust to guide me in investing in 100% halal investment securities. Mr. Gareau just exceeded my expectations and I am glad that the media and dozens of masjids over the years have been inviting him to speak on Islamic Investments & Finance to get the message out about riba. In life, there are bad things, good things, better things, and best things; being Jaafer's client has been one of the best things I've done in my professional career and I recommend him highly."

Sheikh Riad Ouarzazi
Milton, Ontario

"Jeff (Jaafer) Gareau has been helping me since I started my professional career.... With the complications of Islamic Investments and Finance...being a client of Jaafer's and NO INTEREST Investments takes much of the burden away...I recommend Jaafer without hesitation."

Dr. M. Ziad Omar, BSc, DDS, MCID, FRCD(C)
Adjunct Clinical Professor, University of Western Ontario
Certified Specialist in Orthodontics

"We have known Jaafer Syed Gareau for over 20 years. He has been our trusted financial advisor since our arrival in Canada and continuously helps us with Halal RRSP and RESP investments. I am very much impressed by his efforts on delivering Investment Seminars and his dawah techniques in educating Muslim communities on Halal investment opportunities in Canada. May Allah reward him for his true efforts.

I strongly recommend fellow Canadian Muslims to take this opportunity of Halal investments Allah has granted as "NO INTEREST Investments" with Jaafer Gareau to grow our investment and get rewards both in this life and in the hereafter.

F. Azhar and family,
Vancouver, BC

"Brother Jeff,

I am happy to be your client for well over 15 years.  You had promoted the Ark of Islamic Mutual Funds in the 1990's and no one seemed to care.  Before we found you, my family and my brother's family researched the whole market meeting and talking with several advisors/institutions and not one (Muslim or otherwise) knew about publicly traded liquid Islamic Investments except you. Now, every Advisor and institution is trying to jump in the Ark that you had endorsed.  However, they are more profit-oriented rather than following the tenets of Islam in their professional and personal lives like you have always done.

 When I refer other practicing Muslims to you, I am at ease knowing they will receive true advice that is both professional and 100% within Islamic guidelines. May God reward you and your staff at NO INTEREST Investments for all of your professional and community work with the Muslim Children’s Aid, ISSRA, and so many more."

Dr. Ashraf Naim, MA, MBA, OCP, PMP, SSGB
Oakville, Ontario

I’ve been a client of Jeff (Jaafer) Gareau of NO INTEREST Investments since 2013 and they have provided me with great service. I no longer have to worry about where to invest my retirement and education money. Jaafer ensures it is done professionally and it’s invested in funds that follow strict Islamic guidelines. Jaafer’s regular updates and prompt responses to my questions assure me that he’s doing his job, and that’s very important to me. If you’re looking for financial advice, call Jaafer today."

Mr. Y. Al-Kishawi
IT Consultant
Halifax, Nova Scotia

"Finding investments that met our Faith for our retirement & education plans was hard. We found Jaafer Syed Gareau of NO INTEREST Investments, the #1 expert in Islamic & Ethical Investments. More than 15 years later, we’re still happy clients with excellent investment returns and service."

Anwar Naim, MBA, MCSE, OCP
ING Direct Bank of Canada,
IT Department

"Jaafer Syed Gareau has been handling my family’s investments for 20+ years. I always recommend Br. Jaafer to my family, friends, and clients throughout Ontario. Referring someone to an Advisor involves trust and I know from being a client myself that Jaafer is a professional giving superior customer service and that he will advise on investments for RRSP and RESP’s that are always halal. I like that Jaafer contributes so much to the Muslim community and general society in dozens of charities and inter-faith programs. With his expertise in Islamic investments, anyone should feel at ease when seeking Financial Advice from Jaafer and his company, NO INTEREST Investments."

Accountant and Controller - Mississauga, ON

“My family has been using Jaafer’s services since 1995. He is an experienced, reliable Financial Advisor with a strong understanding of his clients’ needs. Jaafer is an expert in his field of Islamic Investments and Finance with a very high level of integrity and has always provided us with excellent service. I recommend him and NO INTEREST Investments to anyone who wants professional and honest investment and financial advice.”

Hossam Khedr, MBA
Director of IT Policy Servicing, Mississauga, Ontario

"I have known Jaafer for over 10 years now since I first immigrated to Canada. What I like about working with him is that he is honest, knowledgeable, responsive, and a community leader. I have never asked him a question without getting a clear reply within 24 hours or less (sometimes 24 minutes!)

I am not an expert when it comes to investments and even less of an expert when it comes to shariah compliance and I fully trust Jaafer on these topics. May Allah bless all his efforts. Wal-salam,"

Ehab Jaber.
Toronto, ON (Harvard University Grad)

"I would like to pay tribute to Jeff (Jaafer) Gareau for his immense contribution and doing everything humanly possible in helping our Muslim community avoid riba (interest).

I admire Brother Jaafer for his support of Islamic Mutual Fund options (NO INTEREST Investments) in the late 1990’s.  I had personally known him as a friend and then became a client since 2003 when I registered both RRSP for my retirement and RESP for my children.  Not only are the investments you specialize in HALAL with International Shariah Scholars, but they actually performed well on top of that.

This achievement could never have been accomplished if it were not for Br. Jaafer’s  hard work, dedication, excellent customer relations on one-to-one basis and above all, his strong commitment in advising clients in their best interests at the expense of his own income. Thus, for anyone who is interested in securing significant value on 100 % halal based investments, Jaafer is a great person to do the business with."

Dr. Garba O. Yahaya, Ph.D.
Chemical Engineer
Burlington, Ontario

|"I would like to congratulate and thank you for doing such a special job to serve and help the Muslim community for well over 15 years.  You have helped hundreds of clients like my husband and I who want to use halal investments for their retirement plans.  May Allah bless you & your family and give you prosperity in your business."

Sharifah Dusoruth
Toronto, Ontario

"Br. Jaafer,

I trust on you 100% knowing that you will not settle for anything less than HALAL investments for my Retirement and Education Plans. Hundreds of clients, like us, across the country appreciate that you have been in the investment business so long yet you have NEVER sacrificed Islamic principles for the sake of earning money from interest.``

I have witnessed your sincerity and professionalism as your client but I have really enjoyed working with you over the last 15 years in dawah and other social programs through ICNA and MYSL.  Your contribution to the community is exemplary and may God give you the health to continue your work in helping the Ummah in so many ways.  Ameen."

Arif Jahangiri
Telecom and Media Specialist
Mississauga, Ontario

"After having been a client for 5 years, I know first-hand that Brother Jaafer's depth of understanding of Islamic Investments and Finance is unparalleled in his field. His advice is not only sound utilizing the foremost International Scholars; it is also a practical and pragmatic approach that is well adapted to our North American investment philosophy. This results in liquid and secure halal investment options for Muslims providing full disclosure and peace of mind in this World and avoidance of the wrath of Allah in the Hereafter."

Yasin Shaikh
Markham, Ontario